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             Our Project And Our Vision - Saving Lives


We are currently looking for an investor/donor, donors to hit our goal of 30K Euros or more in concordance with the size of the shelters size and capacity. A smaller shelter for a cheap budget using just kennels in an open field area can cost up to 30k euros. For a much larger scale building shelter facility price can be lots higher. Course we dream of a state of the Art facility but till then we only hope to build a small facility in order to house 200 - 400 dogs  or more strays. Due to the fact that the dog situation in Romania is out of control especially in the two major cities Craiova And Turnul Severin, this is the area where we plan to start building the first shelter...

As we investigated and found that the Local authorities are loading the animals in dump trucks and are dumping them km away in the fields near villages,deep in the forests...and so on..away from public sight.. So, on a daily basis you see dogs coming out to the major interstate roads...and sometimes you wonder: how did they get here?" ....and most of them are getting hit by cars...some of them die of starving or die of disease.Basically to start with we need to build a shelter...We are open to new ideas, so don"t hesitate to contact us! Any small donation counts.


Tens of thousands of cats, dogs, small animals roam the streets in Romania.Thousands more suffer daily neglect and abused at the hands of their guardians.There are no criteria required for groups to be involved in animal welfare and rescue.There is little corporate, provincial, or federal financial support. Romanian dog population grows into millions.The stray problem in Romania began in the late 1980s. Before the communist regime of Dictator Nicolae Ceausescu, most Romanians worked on farms with their companion animals. But Ceausescu’s policies changed agricultural Romania into an urban society complete with overcrowding and food shortages.When communism took hold, many rural families were forced to work in urban areas and weren't allowed to take their pets with them into the apartments where they lived. Thousands of dogs were left to fend for themselves in the countryside. Since Ceausescu's execution in 1989, the dog population has gown into the millions.Stray dogs killed in masse. A law has been in place to formally prohibit the killing of strays since 2008. But the law only prevented large scale killings, such as those seen when strays were killed en masse in the streets. In 2001 the then-mayor of Bucharest launched a campaign that led to the extermination of at least 100,000 stray dogs in the capital alone.However, a few years later the streets were again littered with live and dead dogs. It is impossible to drive along the national roadways and not to spot scores of stray dogs foraging for food and without seeing several dead bodies on the road. We need your help to save life"s!



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