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Learn about our Strays Shelter Project at The League of Animal Rescue. We provide food, shelter, and medical care to stray dogs in Romania. Visit our website,, to support our cause and help us find them loving homes.

🏠 Our Project and Vision - Saving Lives

We are actively seeking an investor or generous donors to help us reach our goal of securing 30,000 Euros or more. The size and capacity of the shelter we aim to build will greatly depend on the funds we can raise. A smaller, budget-friendly shelter using kennels in an open field can cost up to 30,000 Euros, while a larger-scale shelter facility could require a substantially higher investment. While our dream is to create a state-of-the-art facility, for now, we aspire to build a smaller shelter that can provide refuge for 200 - 400 stray dogs and more. Our initial focus will be on addressing the dire dog situation in Romania, particularly in the major cities of Craiova and Turnul Severin, where the need is most urgent.

Upon investigation, we discovered that local authorities are transporting animals in dump trucks and abandoning them kilometers away, far from public sight, often in fields near villages or deep in forests. As a result, we witness dogs appearing on major interstate roads daily, and many fall victim to accidents, starvation, or disease. Our first and foremost objective is to establish a shelter to rescue and care for these vulnerable animals. We are open to new ideas and welcome your input. Every small donation contributes to our mission.

🐾 Tens of thousands of cats, dogs, and small animals roam the streets of Romania, while thousands more endure daily neglect and abuse at the hands of their guardians. Unfortunately, there are no strict criteria required for groups involved in animal welfare and rescue, and financial support at the corporate, provincial, or federal level is limited. Romania's dog population has grown into millions, and the stray problem began in the late 1980s. The shift from rural farming to urban living, coupled with food shortages, led to the abandonment of pets in the countryside. Since then, the stray dog population has multiplied significantly.

Mass killings of stray dogs have occurred, despite laws in place since 2008 to prohibit such actions. In 2001, the then-mayor of Bucharest initiated a campaign that resulted in the extermination of at least 100,000 stray dogs in the capital city alone. However, this was followed by the reappearance of live and deceased strays on the streets. Today, it's impossible to travel along national roadways without encountering numerous stray dogs searching for food or witnessing the tragic sight of lifeless bodies on the road.

We need your support to save lives! Your contribution can help us make a meaningful impact on the lives of these vulnerable animals.

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