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The LARWP Romania - The League Of Animal Rescue And Wildlife Protection


•Who We Are


The League Of Animal Rescue And Wildlife Protection (LARWP) is a non-profit organization operating in Romania (part of the EU community). Founded recently in 2014 , League Of Animal Rescue And Wildlife Protection is in a in a unique partnership search to provide pro-humane care to the lost and abandoned animals . With over 100.000 stray dogs or more in our area we are looking to build a new shelter to rescue and house as many homeless animals as possible.The shelter we are looking to build will be able to ensure that every animal in its care will have a safe refuge until a permanent home will be found. A loving home can be found and we will ensure that no matter how long that takes. 

The League Of Animal Rescue And Wildlife Protection (LARWP) encompasses the shared mission among many rescue groups to save animals from high kill shelters, but also provides help where the need is the greatest.

We also to promote wildlife projects, including the preservation of areas which provide a habitat to wildlife.



•Our Mission - The Rescue 


To eliminate the tragedy of pet overpopulation in Romania, The League Of Animal Rescue And Wildlife Protection believes community is essential, education is empowerment and action is everything. Our mission is to inspire, educate and empower people to join the fight against pet overpopulation.

To fight cruelty on innocent animals, to promote humaneness where it begins with the community and people providing responsible care for their animals.

To facilitate the rescue stray dogs from their tragic fate.



                                                                                    Our Legal Status




Article 6 . " ASSOC. THE LEAGUE OF ANIMAL RESCUE AND WILDLIFE PROTECTION " primarily aimed at ensuring the protection and defense of animals , educate people about animals , promotion of correct mentality on the relationship between humans and animals, seen as a peaceful coexistence , including legally the implications for health.


Association will support central and local public authorities and other entities to address in an effective and humane issues of environmental protection , animals and stray dogs in particular.

The Association also proposes philanthropy and volunteer activities , European integration , economic and social development , protection of the rights and promote the interests of the citizen .


Article 7. ASSOCIATION will pursue the following goals:

1 . Protection and care of domestic and wild animals ;

2 . Implementation of a European management problem of stray dogs and abandoned animals in Romania.

3 . Facilitating access public services nationwide public health ( Public Domain Administration - ADP , the Sanitary Veterinary - DSV , etc. . ) To information regarding stray dogs problem solving in a modern, efficient and humane ;

4 . Alignment of the cities in Romania to public health standards in the European Union in the cases of zoonoses ( diseases transmitted from animals to humans : hydatid cyst , scabies , rabies , etc.).

5 . Combating , through legal means , the cruelty and ill-treatment to animals ;

6 . Establishing and maintaining relationships with similar associations in the country and abroad, including the establishment of federations or federations participating members already established .

7 . Improving environmental quality .

8 . Promoting responsible for the environment to the general public .

9 . Development of eco-tourism as a source of protection and knowledge of the environment and animals ;

10 . Improving the quality of life of people with disabilities with therapies involving animals.

11 . Intermediation of funds

12 . Supporting and promoting volunteerism ;

13. Economic and infrastructure development , social development , improving social, local community development

14. Consumer Protection .

15 .Pollution control

16. Conservation and protection of natural resources

17. Sanitation and public space improvement.

18. Protection and care of wild animals and the environment.



The Association shall adopt and other non -profit purposes intended and Romanian legislation in the field, such activities to ensure the expansion , advancement and improvement of the means of achieving goals in the previous paragraph .


Article 8 . In achieving these goals the Association is following these objectives :


1 . Concrete operations conducted within the law to defend animals and their rights;

2 . Raising public awareness on animal protection and promotion of the idea according to which animals should be accorded certain rights ;

3 . Development of projects of " Sterilize , Vaccinate and Return" recognized as a modern treatment of stray dogs recommended by the World Health Organization as well as animal protection organizations ;

4 . Activities to combat the abandonment of dogs and cats in general , domestic animals through sheltering and adopting animals by families who have adequate safeguards, material and moral ;

5. Intervening against all forms of exploitation and mistreatment of animals under the law;

6 . Proposals at national and local levels to adopt animal welfare standards ;

7 . Organizing volunteer camps , summer schools and other forms of teamwork to address environmental issues and animal welfare ;

8 . Undertake activities designed to raise funds and materials designed to support the objectives of the Association, in accordance with the law ;

9 . Other activities as required by law , according to the purpose of the Association .

10 . Initiate and implement conservation projects , environmental protection and reconstruction from local or national level.

11 . Initiation and participation in international programs that benefit the environment in Romania .

12 . Conduct ecological education campaigns that promote the active involvement of individuals in solving environmental problems

13. Development and distribution of informational materials and propaganda to achieve the objectives .

14. Collaboration with other organizations or bodies to develop projects in support of achieving the aims of the association .

15 . Editing web pages , magazines , flyers , brochures and other printed materials to highlight the work of the association and to disseminate the results to the public .


To achieve the goal and objectives , the Association may conduct business accessories patrimonial purpose for which it was created , such as:

- Printing and sale of the emblem and colors that promote association or sponsors ( shirts , maps , calendars , etc);

- Sell their magazine or other own publications (including web pages) ;


All these activities will be subject to legal regulations and internal provisions of the Association.


Article 9 goals and objectives listed above are not limiting. Adding or changing the purpose of the Association shall be made only by the Fund only if it was done in whole or in part , or it can not be accomplished by addendum or decision.

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